Fueling the human engine of the digital future!

The future is undeniably digital. The fact is, that every industrial revolution has seen the automation of everything routine and predictable. Any job that the humankind has mastered, is eventually outsourced to a machine.

That said, we are at the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. And this time around, the evolution of technology will mean that even more complex jobs will now be helmed by the ubiquitous friendly bot.

So that begs the question, what of the humans? Are we doomed to be edged out of all workplaces?

The answer is NO! We believe that the future of work will remain innately human!

While efficiencies will be created by machines, innovation will be born of the human mind.

Which means that the work people do will become ever more 'human'. They will be counted on not for memory and recall, but for their ability to build connect, empathize, influence and create.

That is our picture of the future. And in that future, we want to empower organizations and individuals to experience the power of 'human capabilities' and be the best version of themselves while evolving ahead of time to be future proof!

Innovating with curiosity
Leadership in Action
Relationship Building
Developing Perspective
Planning & Prioritizing
Effective Delegation
Influencing & Negotiating
Navigating Ambiguity

The humans at the helm of Eubrics

Bringing the vision and reality together

Nikita Jain (Founder & CEO)
has 10+ years of HR consulting experience with EY, Korn Ferry Hay Group and PwC. Her last stint was with PwC as Business Product Head, Future Capabilities Development Platform. A certified assessor, she specializes in Upskilling, Learning, Future of work and technology-enabled talent development. She is an engineer and an MBA in HR from MDI.

Bringing Technology, AI and Behavioral Science together

Maxim Dsouza (Founder & CTO)
carries 13+ years of experience handling technology at big brands and startups. He has worked as a Senior Engineering Leader at Apple and run two startups as a Founder and CTO. He is a productivity influencer and has built various tech tools to enable habit formation and productivity.