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Insightful organizations, powered by empowered Managers and Emboldened Individuals

Experience the magic of individual growth and purpose being aligned to organizational outcomes


Decipher and drive
your talent

Gain a data-backed and powerful insight into your culture, engagement, talent archetypes and future-readiness. Make evolved decisions informed by ground realities

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  1. Beat your performance goals
  2. Understand talent landscape & future-readiness
  3. Consolidate & deploy organizational 'expertise'
  4. Capture indicators and shifts in organizational culture
  5. Enhance employee engagement levels
  6. Align Individuals to Organizational Goals
Metrics that matter

Learning Agility

How easily people learn and how keenly they experiment!

Job Impact

Additional value extracted from routine job moments

Manager Impetus

Which managers are championing the cause and how!


What people are most excited to learn about and discuss!


Develop your teams at 3x speed

Get familiar with the aspirations and abilities of each individual. Be in-the-know about their growth journey at all times and extend real-time support, at key junctures, with one click.

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  1. Understand team personality and motivations
  2. Develop teams through powerful role-linked IDPs
  3. Improve performance conversations with real-time progress insights
  4. Recognize & reward teams' progress at key junctures
  5. Grow into a mentoring relationship with teams
Metrics that matter

Team Profile

What capability strengths and gaps exist within your team

Team Styles

What drives your team to succeed and how they prefer to learn

Progress Meter

How your team is navigating the journey and what they're learning


What topics are trending within your team and how you can apply


Thrive at work & Hypercharge your career

Understand your capabilities and what makes you tick. Undertake a custom development journey that helps you create more impact in your current role and grow into best-suited future roles

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  1. Understand your role and picture of success
  2. Get candid insights into your career motivations, personality and capabilities
  3. Understand your professional brand and perception
  4. Experience a hyper-customized development journey that unclenches your inhibitors
  5. Develop a powerful network of mentors, collaborators, advisors and friends on your journey
Metrics that matter

Pen Picture

A consolidated view of your capability, motivations and role fitment, with actionable insights

Confidence Score

Your current level of comfort with the behaviours you are working on

Job Efficacy

The variety of work moments that you are elevating with the help of applied learnings

Progress Meter

How much of the journey you have completed and how that compares with peers