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300+ possible role success profiles across levels and job families

6 custom assessments, including personality, job and capability insights

17 ready behaviors to form customizable action frameworks

300+ micro-learning resources, including book summaries and worksheets

140+ unique activities in every custom 6 month long impact journey

30+ organizational metrics like talent readiness, learning agility and 'what's trending'

6 unique user personas and workflows: learner, HR, Manager, admin & feedback network

5+ in-platform social and networking avenues including a community wall

1. Use technology to codify your goals, roles and people

Incorporate your unique organizational DNA

Your business is unique and so the employee skills or behaviors that make it successful must align with the context. Eubrics is flexible and adapts its framework of 21st century skills to speak the language of your organizational goals!

Eubrics suggests key behaviors that can accelerate your organization's success

1. Use technology to codify your goals, roles and people

Predict Talent Performance

It's hard enough to know what it takes for employees to perform in every single role  in your organization, let alone help them to adapt to it. But that's the only way to really drive high performance. Eubrics profiles every role and every employee's capability to offer a comprehensive view of organizational capabilities.

Did you know that Eubrics can track and manage the real time performance shifts of every user? FIND OUT HOW

1. Understands your people

Give wings to diversity & Individuality

Not everyone learns the same way, likes the same content, or even does the same work. Eubrics understands users as individuals and helps to create customized journeys where no two journeys are exactly alike!

Eubrics offers customization at scale, but keeps it accessible and affordable FIND OUT HOW

2. Leverage the new atomic unit of work: Capabilities

Hyper-curate content for business results

Learning by spending hours, consuming volumes of content is neither preferred by employees nor good for business. Eubrics makes it lasting and impactful by opting for interesting new-age formats and keeping it short, job-linked and matched to the learner’s style. 

Eubrics offers on-the-job applications of every single learning byte consumed FIND OUT HOW

2. Leverage the new atomic unit of work: Capabilities

Invoke the power of the community

There's nothing like being watched, supported and encouraged by a community of peers as one learns and succeeds on the job. Eubrics keeps users connected with peers, teams, coaches and managers along the journey!

Eubrics creates virtual coaching networks within your organization FIND OUT HOW

2. Leverage the new atomic unit of work: Capabilities

Make everyday rituals, powerful learning moments

Impactful learning happens when a practice is applied frequently and reflected on. Eubrics understands the routines and job activities of learners and suggests unique ways in which these everyday moments can be elevated with the application of specific learnings.

Eubrics auto-curates rewards, recognition and daily challenges to engage every learner

3. Measure what matters, forget vanity metrics

Take the guesswork out of measuring learning ROI

The right learning can be a powerful single tool to unlock both individual and organizational outcomes, but who's to say what's right? Eubrics links learning actions with metrics that matter like job performance and learning agility, and reports them real time